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I have ported 2 patches from TREP to FLEP recently

The first patch allows you to store savegames in a separate "save" folder instead of having them all lying around in the root folder. I always hated how messy it looks when you save a lot so this patch is a must for me
The only downside is that you HAVE to create the save folder yourself, otherwise the game won't save at all.
There's a TREP patch that supposedly automatically creates a save folder, if there isn't one already, but when I applied it to the TRNG tomb4.exe nothing happened. I'm not even sure if it worked in TREP in the first place

The second patch allows you to change Lara's hair position on the adult and the young Lara model. This for example allows you to create better fitting hair on the TR2 and TR3 Lara models.

I made sure to give credit to the original creators of the hair patch but unfortunately I couldn't find out who made the save folder patch


I tried porting a few other patches such as the health bar showing in the inventory when the player selects a medipack but they all made the game crash.
There's also a TREP patch that allows you to change the FOV and this helped me create an almost perfect "true" widescreen effect but it's unusable because the FOV resets when you enter the inventory

I hope these patches are useful to at least a few people and I'll see if I can't port a few more but I fear that will be a bit redundant once the new TRNG update releases
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