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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
I think this will be the lead up arc to SOTTR, I mean in that cover Lara's shadow is pretty big and seems like it was made to purposely stand out. Could there also be some sort of symbolism of Lara descending deeper into the darkness (of herself or something else) displayed by the stairs?

I don't know if anyone else will agree, but I dunno to me it seems like that artwork is trying to tells us something.
This . I mean the shadow takes easily 60% of the cover I do think it's really saying something .

Originally Posted by lizardspock110 View Post
I don't read too much into these covers because they are almost never related... to anything. One cover even had her battling a viking xD

It looks great though, outfit too
But remember that cover by Brian in which she's wearing an outfit that looks very similar to the Remnant Green jacket outfit of Rise , and in the middle of a snowy storm ? there's also a cover in which she's diving (hint at the return of swimming in Rise) and a cover in which she's riding a camel in the desert (I know we didn't ride a camel in Rise technically , but there was a desert section , even if it was a mere tutorial )
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