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Originally Posted by Mokono View Post
That's absolutely mind dazzling! Is the lag/stutter a byproduct of the recording or the emulator settings?

Thank you for sharing that video with the community. Hopefully we'll get to see more as compatibility progresses.
I think it's due to lack of shader-cache in that area (it was generating everytime you went into a new area, and the camera was seen a new place, thing so to say). After it has been generated (like you were in that area a lot of times, it becomes stable, playable.)
But this isnt for sure, I mean I have no idea how this shader cache works, but after it got saved, it lags no more. But if you re-open the game it has to load all of them back in, meaning it'll take minutes to load, that's why I delete all if there's more than a thousand. (Once I had like 9K pieces of them)
So we can say it's the emulator's, well, it's gonna sound harsh, but "fault". Don't misunderstand me, I find RPCS3 amazing.

Also, too bad that the game itself is locked at 30fps.
Btw, thank you guys for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Anyway, does any of you guys have a 100% savegame for this version of the game? It'd take for me a year to complete it to 100% lol.
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