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Originally Posted by LGG_PRODUCTION View Post
Hello there,
I've opened this topic because I have a lot of outfits that I would like to show you
Tell me if you like them, which are your favourite ones, and if you need an outfit tell me, so that I can try to help you

In the page there are many remakes of outfits that other LDs made years ago, for example the outfits from TRLE '04 Lara At The Movies, Reign Of Chaos, etc.. Some of the LDs have already seen them, other don't know about my remakes, but I hope it's not a problem for them, because I'm just making outfits inspired by them, and of course I give credits to the authors or to the levels where the original outfits are

Speaking about credits, all my outfits are based on Horus Goddess ones, that for me are very beautiful
Infact many meshes and textures are from Horus Goddess, other modified by me and with recolored textures.
Other credits go to Psiko, who alwais helps me a lot and gives me many suggestions

And now, here's my page:

I hope you like them

This page will be alwais updated.
wasn't there supposed to be a princess garnet/heather mason (princess heart) outfit?
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