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At this point, I'm not really sure it is fair to rank these games against each other. After so much time and so much development, it's very similar to trying to rank athletes without taking the context of their era into account. Is it fair to rate a game made in 1996 against a game made in 2018?

I'm not sure it is. Different facets were emphasized, both by the expected audience of the times, the abilities of the technology, and the historical significance of the franchise.

With that in mind, I'll rate them in terms of their respective eras. I'm not rating the eras themselves, merely each game's place within it.


1: TR
2: TLR
3: TR2
4: TR3
5: AoD
6: TRC


1: TRA
2: TRU
3: TRL


1: RotTR
2: SotTR (though this may move to #1 as more of the DLC is released)
3: TR
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