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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
Just be careful with "Season of the Witch". That's a big pile of crap.

Also the art in "Survivor's Crusade".

I swear I still don't know how Gail Simone of all people wrote the former. And for the latter, Ashley A. Woods usually has a really interesting art style (even her Tomb Raider concept art looks really cool, the comics don't even compare to her own work).
What's worse about the Gail Simone situation was that they actively went after her. In hindsight, CD should have an Editor to oversee all of the extended material for consistence.

About Ashley A. Woods, I don't know what happened. I guess other projects came her way, and Tomb Raider was on the back-burner. Either way it is very unprofessional of her.
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