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Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
I don't play Huntress, so when I did the 20 hatchet downs from 24m+ away, I just went into games and nodded at the survivors and memed around the whole time so they wouldn't play properly against me, then I'd just randomly hatchet them from ages away, then let them wiggle out, so they kept letting me do it. Got it pretty quickly. 100 is INSANE though, but we also have to throw 1k hatchets on PC (not sure how many it is on console).
Hmm, just tried this for the legions 'Deranged Pursuit Trophy'. The survivors were pretty dense tbh, only one of them realised I was friendly early on, one never realised and left through the gates and the other two didnt realise until I was motioning them to unhook the survivor AFTER the gates were powered.

Still, got around 5 more stacks toward the trophy .
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