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My grain of salt:

Acknowledge everything that happen in the first movie: Made the characters talking about Matthias or Yamatai or Croft Holdings it's important to keep a consistency.

Made a great female villain: Matthias wasn't really imposing but because he was just an employer from Trinity, a goon, if you prefer. The first one was easy to defeat, Ana need to be difficult. More scenes with the villain. The screenwriter need to make her intriguing with a solid backstory and give her good reasons to be a part of Trinity. They need to make her manipulative, a true mastermind but maybe not the ultimate villain.

Trinity: Here's a huge thing to make it work: The organisation needs to be fleshed out more than the games. It's maybe be difficult but not impossible, they need to have an imagery the audience can recall, from the outfit to their history etc. We need to see them doing something.

Flashbacks: Don't hesitate to use them especially if it's for showing legends that happen or Trinity following Richard Croft or Ana past and sneaking into the family.

Lara/Ana: More flashbacks showcasing their relationship before.

Croft Manor : It's the symbol of Lara family. He needs to come back entirely (even if it's for flashbacks of Lara's childhood).

Croft Holdings: Need to be fleshed out (as Graham promised) reuse Dereck Jacobi.

Lara : She needs to be full aware of what happen, give her a good reason to fight Trinity other than family drama. I want Lara to be confident and smart, using the duals, ice picks or bow when it's needed. Show her interest in history and archeology (a simple scene when she reads several books and building a board could work).

Action : Of course I want some action, but it doesn't need to be directly straight out the videogame don't be afraid to be creative with it and make at least one vehicle chase (motorbike).

Supernatural : As Alicia promised (the mystical door being open) I want it to be the next step of Lara's evolution as a character, facing something she didn't expect at all (don't need to bring dinosors into this) make the task more difficult and be creative.

Locations : Three different locations + Croft Manor but make the journey seems longer make various scene in the location not just one big set like in Hong Kong.

Richard Croft : Outside of a reference or flashback I don't want the character to be present.

Lu Ren : He can come back if he his interesting enough.

Tombs : They need to be fresh and big and I know it's not gonna be simple if there's at least three tombs it's gonna be enough.

Side characters : More female characters but who are usefull to the story.

Editing : One editor please and take time to show the characters talking.

Story : They can use the story from Rise but doesn't need to be a proper copy and paste for exemple adding a surprise element like a third new location will be great.

Lenght : More than 2h10 please

Ending and climax : Give us a climax way more powerfull and an unexpected ending.

Iconisation : Now he origin story is done and the character is introduced we need an iconisation of the character with some powerfull moments.
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