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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
Just a reminder that Blood Ties was also an extra that wasn't included in the original description of RotTR's season pass, yet still was part of it.

So yeah, if we are getting an extra DLC, it will probably be included in the season pass as well.

And if not, just remember these decisions come from the publishers and not the developers.
Blood Ties aside, I still think they'd make us pay for it. After all the Paititi / tribal content, the only way they'd get more money out of us would be to release something intrinsically different that people would actually want to pay for. It's a marketing ploy. Get them upset over the twenty million tribal outfits, wait for people to start turning away from your game, and then drop something they'll eat right up. And they know we will.

Then again, I trust the publishers as far as I can throw them.

Originally Posted by johnanonymouz View Post
we know the 8th slot is not a mistake because its still there after the patch.
It has yet to be confirmed by SE / EM. Right now, all of this is just conjecture.
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