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Originally Posted by Robwood View Post
Their lack of transparency is very frustrating; it gives the impression that they don't know what they're doing.
Damn you if you do, damn you if you don't. If they say they're not working on it but they release something, they'll be called liars or unreliable. If they say they are working on content but things go unplanned and they have to cancel, their image and credibility is affected and they're, once again, unreliable.

If they tease or give subtle hints, people overhype themselves and feel betrayed when the reality doesn't meet their expectations.

Or if they say anything, really, people dissect every word and sentence to find new meanings.

This forum is full of examples of all of the above. I recall one member who hated Crystal and called them outright liars for simply saying TR2013 didn't have supernatural elements when it turned out to be false. It was obviously a marketing tactic in order to surprise us, even make us doubt/find an explanation just like Lara with what we saw. But it was still not okay for many.

None of you is entitled to an answer. Yes, there is a 8th tomb slot, yes, there were a few hints, but nothing concrete. Factually we received the last planed official DLC. Anything else is not up to us.

Let the devs work. They'll speak when they're ready and have something to say, if any.

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