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Originally Posted by Dermahn View Post
Amazing work! I had a quick look and I still can't believe someone finally managed to port TR2Gold
I noticed there's no loading screen for the Home level. Is there a reason for this? I know the loading screens sadly never got finished but the Home level loading screen already exists in the base game.
The reason Lara's Home doesn't have a loading screen is that, since I couldn't
get any loading screens for the levels, I just used the placeholder "LOADING"-
text. It was a bit inconsistent to have a loading image for Lara's Home, but
not for the rest of the levels, so I made Lara's Home use the same placeholder

About REV22_21.7z. I put a few easter eggs in the file data on the disc. Some
of them contain hints on how I managed to make it, others are hints at future
stuff. REV22_21.7z contains a backup of all the project files and patches and
images and tools I used to make Golden Mask. I didn't want to lose these and
the simplest way to guarantee they'll survive is to put them on the disc.
Since it's just wasted space on a CD-R anyway, and the file isn't too big,
I thought it wouldn't do any harm to put it on there. The name is both a nice
little blessing to anybody curious enough to actually look into the files on
the disc, and a hint to myself on how to open it.
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