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Originally Posted by Daft Raider View Post
To try and steer this mess of a thread back to the topic. I really donít like the Floating Islands level. Aesthetically itís really cool and weird. But the level design is not the best... Iíve played it so many times, each a different way, idk which way is the correct one. Lol.
It was interesting as an idea, but was very confusing. How did she get there? Is it really an.other dimension? Then why does she easily escape with a part of the Great Wall exploding?
Originally Posted by Woops View Post
I really really dislike barkhang it's always such a chore tbh.
Those monks always give me a headache. And the first time around, I was stuck at that vaccuming pool...
TR needs to be about cities, discos and military bases again.
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