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It's a shame that SotTR doesn't really link to the immortality myth, as it could have been something better linking the trilogy besides Lara's origin and character growth.

But maybe we should see the link between the game's myths less about one overarching theme for the trilogy, and more as a natural development of Lara's research work.

As in: Lara was initially set to discover Yamatai. The finding of Yamatai led her to discover Himiko's Immortal Soul which leads Lara into finally going through her father's work, which was very much focused on that theme. This leads her to Richard's unfinished research on the Immortal Prophet, which leads Lara to Syria and Siberia. Due to Lara's starting to meddle in this specific mythology, she gets involved in Trinity's activities, and their relation becomes very much hostile. Learning for how long Trinity has been involved in her life, and how deep that involvement can actually get, she sets on shutting down as many Trinity cells as she can, which leads Amaru into concentrating Trinity's resources into the box-dagger myth, which he considers their most urgent plan. Which inevitable leads Lara into that whole mythology as well and to her discovering Paititi.

It might not be as thematically satisfying as if the three games' mythologies had one overall theme in common, but as a researcher, I can definitely see a logic on how Lara's work has been evolving in a actually logical way.
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