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Positive Points I noticed:

- Jill still gets offered (or finds) a side pack to enlarge her inventory. She may get one inventory increase instead of several.

- Much of the areas are pretty different, but the Trolley still exists.

- There are more survivors running around. Before, you just had that one lady who died shortly afterwards.

- Brad still warns Jill about Nemesis. However, they're in the streets and not in a bar.

- Jill is still at the garage, so she's probably going to be running around town again looking for stuff.

- Carlos is still oblivious to Umbrella being the bad guys. Jill even exclaims "You guys are the one's who caused all of this."

- Brad has his canon outfit.

- Brain suckers!

- There's a helicopter crash (Clock Tower?)

- Handgun, shotgun, and assault rifle are still in the game.

Negative Points:

- I can't really recognize any area except RPD. It looks like "Generic City 1003."

- The story looks to play out quite differently. Jill is looking in the mirror as though she's infected or fearing infection, which makes no sense because she only gets infected later, becoming incapacitated. It feels a little on the nose.

- Carlos lost his over-the-top accent. #iMourn

- They don't really show Nemesis.

- Jill doesn't have her Samurai Edge, even though the model exists in RE2, and it's canonical for her to have it. Instead, she uses a glock.

- The classic outfits are pre-orders. She still has a skirt and boots on.

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