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Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
No. As it has already been explained before, the source code is just a bunch of lines of code that tell the game how to read files, how to behave, how to react to player's input, how to display things, etc. These are just instructions. A source code does not contain ANY of the levels content, these are separate files.

And just let it go. Chances that someone has that version you're literally craving for hardly reach the percent. Just assume it does not exist anymore and still thinking about it.
Forget about it!! Therefore I absolutely NEVER ASSUME that the alpha version of TR3 "no longer exists anymore" just as much as I want to play with that version. But other than that, I'm so happy that Dustie have uploaded a youtube video of a recreated E3 demo so hopefully we'll have so much fun playing with that one instead. AND thank you for explaining me all the rest of the details about what exactly is a source code. Because really after all this time I didn't even understand the difference from a source code to alpha and or beta versions of games to play with. That's all the help what I need to LEARN TO UNDERSTAND about in this thread.
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