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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Even that TR1 guide can't make up its mind how to spell Larsen/Larson . I'm with Mikky, I thought Conway came from Anniversary. So strange, the whole thing.
the only missing pieces to the puzzle are scans or me seeing the relevant pages from the walkthroughs for TR:C and TR:A. unfortunately i lack the means to buy them at the moment so we have to go on zreen and paul's word for now

Originally Posted by tomee View Post
Can I just say that I find it incredibly puzzling that it took us 11 years until someone noticed he's not actually called Conway in TRA. Like, we really all just took it for granted and nobody ever looked twice. This is mind boggling.

Excellent research LateRaider. This was a very nice read. I hope one day we get a definitive answer.
thanks tomee. ideally we'd track down dr. cheese and ask them what the hell they were smoking--i mean where their sources are but that's nigh impossible now
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