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Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post
I don't think it's really what happened.
Or maybe his script was put in the trash like the one with Lara pregnant with an alien baby.
What?! o.O Thank god this didn’t happen. Is the baby Reboot Lara by any chance?

EDIT: The script is terrible omg. Anything but that Himalayan crash, again. Why are people so interested in Lara’s origins? Enough already (even if it’s a script from 20 years ago).

TRI manual => Lara’s origins
TRIV Cambodia => Lara’s real origins
TRV Ireland => Lara’s real definitive origins
TR2013 => A new origins story for a new Lara
Rise => New Lara’s newer origins story
Shadow => The new definitive origins story for Lara, where she’ll become the TR she’s destined to be.
TR2018 => A brand new Lara with a brand new origins story.
Must be a way to free another cart.

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