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Originally Posted by JoelCaesar View Post
This script was written in 1997, the only source material was TRI and maybe some insider knowledge of TRII. We have never seen the origin story of classic Lara in the games or in a movie. I would have loved to have seen it. If you actually read the script you notice that it's more than just the Himalayas.
Iíve read it and itís all about that Himalayan story. If youíve read my post, you wouldíve noticed that I know the script is approximately 20 years old. But that doesnít make up for the script being literally uninspired...
Originally Posted by PinkyPromise View Post
I love the old biography so much. Lara daughter of aristocrats, the event in the Himalayas that changes her ... everything was so great
While I respect your opinions, what is so great about it? It isnít unique. Itís just a hardened-after-trauma cliche. TR2013 did one thing right and that was Yamatai...
TR needs to be about cities, discos and military bases again.
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