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Maybe they could have gotten more creative with Amelia's demise.. It would have been cool if there was a boss fight. Something like Marguerite Baker. He he. I guess it would have felt a bit out of place though, especially since the game had other bigger problems, like jerky animations and invisible walls..

I think this game would have felt like a more complete experience if they released the DLC on all available platforms.. Tsk! Such a missed opportunity.

Originally Posted by OrangeJuice View Post
yeah underworld only really has its graphics, art style and soundtrack/ambient sound design going for it. other than that it's stupid as hell and boring.

oh natla is a bad bitch tho.
I know right? It's so frickin boring.. Also the relics and artifacts are absolutely annoying.. The chime gets on my nerves after a while.
The game has gorgeous graphics, to this day the cutscenes look amazing.
The definitive Lara Croft has less emotion than Kristen Stewart.

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