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Slight issue.. not sure how to fix.
I want sharks and barracuda in the same level - but sadly all objects use the Hammerhead slot.
Could I use the Hammerhead MIP for the barracuda instead?

I did find a barracuda (not the original tr2 one though) which uses the crocodile slot.. but its really big - almost as big as the sharks. It functions wonderfully though in water..
I was thinking maybe I could edit the meshes to make it shorter, then make the back couple of meshes invisible?
The only reason why I wanna do this is so they can have their own individual SFX (instead of sharing)
In TR2 only the sharks made noise when they chomp attacked.. everything else was silent

EDIT: OK So I used SkateboardKids Xian fish from TR2 (hammerhead) and placed it into the Hammerhead MIP slot.
Normally this meant that I could just trigger the MIP and it would trigger like a normal enemy, right?
Except here.. the fish is like a statue, visible but doesn't move or attack or respond to anything.
The regular shark works fine.
Perhaps if I use scripting AssignSlot?

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