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Originally Posted by TokyoSU View Post
Are you using the harpoon (my plugin destroy it, so if true dont use my plugin) ? if not you could use my plugins:
it's abandonned but this entity is working fine just be carefull this entity will want to exit the water since it's use the croc_zone (water and floor in TR4) so use gray sector or 2 click floor. (all the entity is pretty working but some bug is discovered), if i have the will maybe i will fix it one day.
I am using the harpoon plugin, yes.
I'm not sure I understand.. so your harpoon plugin breaks the Hammerhead MIP?

A regular hammerhead shark works perfect 100%.
I used the Assign slot for the barracuda and this time the swap worked. However, it swims too low and missed Lara when it tries to bite her.

I think I'll just use the croc idea with edited meshes as it worked fine for me (even if the fish is a LOT bigger than its TR2 version, but I could edit this with some mesh work)
Either that or I'll just have to stick to sharks only and not use barracuda...

As for the link you sent me.. it requires a password and I have no idea what it is - assuming its the same as the beta testing forum, but I can't remember the code lol
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