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Originally Posted by dcw123 View Post
EDIT: OK So I used SkateboardKids Xian fish from TR2 (hammerhead) and placed it into the Hammerhead MIP slot.
Normally this meant that I could just trigger the MIP and it would trigger like a normal enemy, right?
Except here.. the fish is like a statue, visible but doesn't move or attack or respond to anything.
The regular shark works fine.
Perhaps if I use scripting AssignSlot?
MIPs were used to have a less detailed version of an enemy when seeing it from a certain distance.

AssignSlot should work, but like you said, you would like to have seperate sfx for each fish, and this is not possible with the AssignSlot.

Originally Posted by dcw123 View Post
I was thinking maybe I could edit the meshes to make it shorter, then make the back couple of meshes invisible?
Remember that you can also scale meshes in WADMerger Animation Editor.
And after scaling you should move them back together to form the smaller version of the fish.
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