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Originally Posted by Titak View Post
MIPs were used to have a less detailed version of an enemy when seeing it from a certain distance.
AssignSlot should work, but like you said, you would like to have seperate sfx for each fish, and this is not possible with the AssignSlot.
Remember that you can also scale meshes in WADMerger Animation Editor.
And after scaling you should move them back together to form the smaller version of the fish.
Ahh, awesome. Thanks Titak.
I'll try this also.
Anyone else used TokyoSU's TR2 enemies yet? I'm scared to use it incase it breaks any other plugins I'm using (classic inventory etc)
Its truly amazing work - seeing TR enemies acting as they should..
Swear TR4 port versions of all past enemies are screwed up.. like the AI is messed up. Tigers etc running into walls and in circles.. mostly ignoring Lara instead of making a beeline for her as they should (which this plugin does)
Seeing proper pathfinding and all the original animations is so cool.
Really hope this gets continues.. maybe for TR5Main?
Having people recreate TR1,2,3 levels properly without issue without resorting to the Unofficial Editor after like 20 years of TRLE would be crazy.
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