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Question Element puzzle

So... I've used the ELEMENT_PUZZLE several times already for different setups and it worked.
But now this one setup won't work.
  • OCB 2 (dirt) in the placed ELEMENT_PUZZLE.
  • Heavy-trigger for the ELEMENT_PUZZLE underneath, all codebits of the trigger are pressed since I only use one this time.
  • PICKUP_ITEM1 is in the wad.
  • LARA_DIRT_MESH is in the wad.
  • flipeffect to flash screen green (just a test trigger to see if triggers will work)

I checked this tutorial:
and I checked the setup in my MoA Part 1 levels (the setup in the Courtyard level uses two element-puzzles)
It looks the same.

I select PICKUP_ITEM1 from the inventory but Lara just says no and does not do her animation.

Any ideas about what I could be overlooking here?
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