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Hi there.

I've tried the 128x128 and yes, it worked for me.

I had to make a texture of 256x256 in Photoshop, and put the 128x128 texture in the top-left corner to can import it in "TextureAdd", otherwise the 128x128 was being stretched to 256 when I import it in there.

But the .rec was correct, even with the wrong texture, I could see the rectangles were the right size.

However, I'm having troubles with an issue, after add the mesh and the texture, I can't open the wad in Wad merger (1.98 beta 4) It says there is a problem with the obj, I can open the mesh but no the textures (not for the 256 nor the 128).

Generally, I'm worried for the optimization, in case of Lara's outfit or humanoid character, 256px per mesh could consume too many textures, this 128 will help to reduce, although I think that even 64 would help too (thinking in small things like hands and feets).

Also, I am baking only half of the mesh, to generate less textures, (and texturing manually the other half, because otherwise, they appear with a default color texture).

Even yet, I think this is definitely a huge help. (I still remember that Anaya in Von Croy slot, where I was making the textures quad, triangle, by triangle in photoshop... at least this clearly reduce effort (only had to make the eyes, but for the rest, it looks nice).

Edit: solved the issue with the wad merger. It was because in Blender, the half of the mesh that I wasn't projecting, was using a UV map that were not made of square shapes, what I did to fix it is:

- After doing the quads UV and the projection, I duplicated the object
- Then in the original one, I deleted the repeated faces (that I didn't use in the projection)
- In the duplicated one, , I aplied the mirror X, and removed all the faces except the repeated faces (that were the ones missing).
- After it, join both meshes, merge vertices by distance and recalculate normals.

The result, is that the repeated faces, will be using now a triangle UV like the projected faces, but reusing the same texture. And in this way, yes, I can reimport the model in Wad merger and combine it with other wads without more problems.
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