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That sounds stupid, but I can't tell you if it worked or not. I had next to no shader compiling during the initial cutscene and at the outside of the first cave. But in the first cave I got massive compiling - sometimes just moving the camera had areas that were already rendered correctly re-compiled...

One more thing I noticed is, that there seem to be a few glitches concerning physics when the game runs at very high framerates.
If I shoot a bat it gets thrown around in the area as if I'd hit it with a nuke instead of a bullet. Also, I can't seem to finish the puzzle in Lara's training room involving the turning metal crosses. When I jump on it, it barely moves and stops mid-way, leaving Lara to jump in a completely wrong direction. I'll try limiting the framerate to 60fps next to see if that mitigates the problem.

Fun note: LC GoL has the same ragdoll issues on high-framerates. Seems to be an engine problem
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