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Originally Posted by Soma Holiday
I love DOA 4 so far, though I've never played a DOA before so it's hard for me, but I'm getting better...the graphics are amazing, even though the storylines make NO sense at all haha...its fun though.

As for Oblivion, has the fighting system changed? That's the reason I hated the first one so much...the fighting was hard and too spastic with the swinging and all...
Yeah the storys are weird but the endings are funny, I love Li Fangs
I'm really looking forward to DOA 5, the characters and storys are suposed to be changing alot!
Graphics in DoA have always been brilliant, but DoA 4 has just pushed them to spectacular!

Well I haven't played Morrowmind but the fighting in Oblivion is through the first person perspective, you have a shield on your left and a sword or other weapon on the right and the triggers are used to attack, it's kind of like Chronicles of Riddick but RPG style, if that makes any sense!
The fighting is fun but it does get dull but the adventure aspect is always there and it's amazing!

Do you like Splinter Cell because Double Agents coming out soon
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