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Soma, you went ahead and did what I am going to do real soon because of Dead Rising too!
I can't hold out anymore and the Xbox360 looks so awsome. My cousin had but he's in another state and i when i visited him and played it...i fell inlove...
So I'm going to get one soon too, awsome you took the jump!

Oh and i LOVE DOA4, i got my cousin the year of Xbox live...ok so i did it because i wanted to play DOA4 while i was up there but OMG it's so much fun!!! Favorite character is Ayane, i own with her

I really enjoyed COD2, Hitman was extremely fun, Tomb Raider Legend, and PDZ Were all really great games that he had and i played.

Lucky you got to play dead rising...I'm still waiting
And Gears of war looks to be a must have!
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