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Originally Posted by Danath View Post
That box isn't supposed to be pitch black! I don't know why, but i have to give it a high brightness value in the editor, otherwise it looks that way.
This is a common bug in TR1 and TR2, some objects of some levels for some reason appear in the darkest value no matter the light. It happens with the blocks of Bartoli's Hideout, and some doors in Diving Area as well. You can bring a block from another level and the problem is solved

I also figured how the tibetan bell trigger works, it's pretty simple! And i can say i will use the bell in that first level for triggering something.
Those bells are rarely in any TR2 level, glad someone is using them.

I'm up to 50-something rooms now, reached that middle section. Only have about 10 mins of playtime, though, need more!
Must be 10 minutes of pure fun
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