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Originally Posted by Feder View Post
This is a common bug in TR1 and TR2, some objects of some levels for some reason appear in the darkest value no matter the light. It happens with the blocks of Bartoli's Hideout, and some doors in Diving Area as well. You can bring a block from another level and the problem is solved
That's weird. I suppose that is the easiest way around it.

Originally Posted by Feder View Post
Must be 10 minutes of pure fun
Umm i'm not that sure, it's pretty standard...

Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
^ Sounds like the objects have static lighting mode attached, which results in pre-defined darkness per vertex. In case of TR4/TRLE one can fix that using StrPix, but I don't know how you can fix it in TR1/2.
Thanks for the info! I have tried changing the vertex light of the the base file with PixStr which works with .tr2 files, but it doesn't change it, still black ingame.

Originally Posted by thewolf View Post
You can make this room pitch black and light a flare near the block and it will show it's textures. That's what I did with the pushable from Floating Islands
That's interesting. I don't want that specific room that dark though, i suppose i will retexture another pushable.

Originally Posted by thewolf View Post
I also noticed that Core was able to change the height from rooms into 1 1/4 blocks or 2 1/4
What would that be needed for?
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