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Originally Posted by Ifrit61 View Post
I could never imagine there was somebody who would make a TR level settled in Pescara!
Another of my crazy ideas.

Originally Posted by Ifrit61 View Post
May I ask you why, between all the mediterranean cities, did you choose this one?
Yes, you can.
I wanted the first level to be located at Italy, but not in Venice, as i wanted something unique. I also wanted it to be a coastal city, since there is a section whith a dock where you need to use the motorboat, and you can see an opening into the sea ( but cannot pass ).
So i took a look at a map of Italy and this one has a cool name, so i used it. That's all!

Originally Posted by Ifrit61 View Post
Anyway I'm very curious to see your work!
I hope you like what i'm doing! Also i hope you don't actually live there or close to it, as this is pure fantasy and not in any way it resembles the real location.
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