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I was inspecting my old CD's from AOD (I have two versions for the pc). I noticed the and the had some strange names for the files like Core.mpg3 or TRAOD.exe1. In the I found a levelscreen image paris2b.jpg, paris2b.png and a paris2b.tga!

I found also an old manual (manual_uk.pdf) from 18-07-2003 in it I found strange information

The bar flashes when the character is poisoned.
I don't remember when Lara or Kurtis gets poisoned or when the bar flashes..

If Lara or Kurtis are poisoned or breathe in poisonous gases then their Health Meter will flash green and begin to reduce
This is not true in the pc retail version.

Poisons can be treated by selecting a health item from the inventory
This is not true. It is in TRIV.

Certain weapons can be loaded with different types of ammunition. When these types of weapon are highlighted a sub-option will appear to allow you to combine the alternative ammunitions.
This is new to me.

Many items that Lara and Kurtis will collection will be health reltaed, whether they are antidotes bandages or standard Medi-packs.
Antidotes can only be found on the INVENT.GMX file, not in the game. So this must be in an earlier version.

In the game you can create 14 save games. It is not possible to make more.

If you go to the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\SaveGame. You'll see here it goes from 1.TRAODSG till E.TRAODSG. If you want more savegames you can copy and paste in it till J.TRAODSG. IF you have too much the game crashes, if you go to the load level section in the game.

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