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Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
I remember a few years ago I spent time reading the triggers TRNG had, or more recently your hidden triggers tutorials, and it actually gave me inspiration several times for interesting/new puzzles (well, I didn't actually make most of them, but still ). And now there is even more to think about.
In fact a big part of this plugin is a user-friendly version of the hidden triggers (i.e. you don't need all the complex variable-triggering/scripting listed there, you need only a simple plugin trigger, without variables). Moreover, many hidden trigger setups were not really finished (i.e. it was only a possibility, without really understandable, lacking of the description of the really complex, exact environment), which was at last finished here.

So thank you for this plugin, and for all the things you're helping us do in our games.
You are welcome!

I hope we'll get to see more in the future.
My actual purpose is not like creating some perfect enemy from scratch, but still the same: presenting tiny but useful features in plugins.
Yes, I am just working on my second one (probably will be released in this year), and, for example, I have just finished a really tiny feature last week: a little request to turn on/off Lara's or enemies' shadow.

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