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Originally Posted by Gian Carlo View Post
The title clearly says that they’re TRYING to.
That's already one step further than "We want to do this." Plus TR fans are prone to misinterpreting stuff like this. Not necessarily the OP, but probably some of the people that already replied in here. Also I just want to know the exact wording, and the safest way to get this is to watch the original statement.

Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
What Meagan said was essentially that they forward people's requests (for the DLC, and for TLA as well I'd imagine) to their legal department, but it seems that the executive decision lies in Microsoft's hands, as the contractual obligation looks like it still applies.

I mean, if the contract had a time limit on it, CD would've already made the DLC available for everyone by now, don't you think?

I personally doubt they're going to buy out the contract, if that is what's holding them back.

The demand for these DLCs is small enough that there's no way they'd be able to turn a profit from it, or even be bothered to put people to task when there are so many more lucrative options. It's a 13-year-old game.
Thank you! This is already more information than what anyone else has given in this thread. Them forwarding these requests isn't really the same as Crystal actively trying to port the DLCs.
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