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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
^I haven't watched it but I think the stream is on Crystal's Twitch site.
It's not. There's only two short streams, one that opened the whole thing and one that ended it and the rest is fragmented over several other Twitch channels. Besides, the whole thing is several hours long and I surely won't watch such a long stream for just one small information, especially since others know exactly when that piece of information was given.

Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
I've no doubt that they would port the DLCs, but not a second before Microsoft gives them the go-ahead to do so. Which isn't all that likely, unfortunately, because it's not a profitable venture.

Anything CD does with the DLC will be on Microsoft's behalf, ultimately, and at their behest.
I don't doubt that they would port the DLCs, but it's kinda frustrating that so many times a bunch of TR fans misinterpred things that have been said by people from CD or SE or even things that have been leaked (purposefully or not) or figured out otherwise and that gets blown up to a point where a majority of fans believes this to be true and definitive (T.R.U.E. anyone?). And then everyone is disappointed when that thing doesn't happen, even though no one from any official source ever said that it'll definitely happen.

Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
I think the chance we have of seeing TLA re-released is significantly bigger, and what we should be focusing on thus (in terms of sending in requests and generally pushing for it, I mean), but that's just my two cents.

It was made by the San Francisco branch of Eidos, which means that SE probably are within their rights to re-release it, there's just the matter of them digging up old paperwork to reconfirm the legal details of it.
They probably have the full rights of TLA anyway. My guess is that it never has been released digitally is because there wasn't a huge audience for it. A lot of people don't even seem to know that the classic expansion packs exist.
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