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Default Help using Tomb Raider Image Converter

After trying several times with command prompt, I can't get this to convert anything. I'll be honest, I'm a total noob to coding and things like this.
I'm trying to convert some TR2.pcx to bmp

typed cd and input the filename path for the Windows64 Tric.exe
Seems to work OK - but not I think this is where I am making a mistake?

Tried inputting, for example, tric tr2pc mine1b.pcx mine1b.bmp
Nothing seems to happen..

C:\Users\******\Tomb_Raider_Image_Converter\Tomb Raider Image Converter\Binaries\Windows\win64>tric tr2pc mine1b.pcx mine1b.bmp
tric: input file could not be opened

Is this down to something I have mistyped - or is it the file itself which refuses to open for some reason?
Didn't really want to make an entirely new thread on this - but I thought it could be helpful for anyone else planning on using this.
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