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Hey! Just a few questions

I'm playing some old TRLE customs (unmodified exe aged ones).
I've been using TREP to add some extra fix features for my playthroughs for a better experience. Crawlspace roll and whatnot. Various main gui changes and draco patches. Perfect outcome

I've come to realise, treps successor, FLEP, has many more patches and is being updated at present very nicely. Namely a recent "multi pickup items" patch catches my eye!

Is there a way to port these patches from flep, back to draco TREP?

I've attempted to patch my TREP modified exe with, the various new FLEP ones, but the game crashes at title screen. I've come to realise I should have predicted this wouldnt have worked as I intended.

Would be awesome to use these FLEP patches, in my TREP draco area for all in one usage. I'm hoping this isnt a dead end anyway! It feels likely though...

My apologies for posting here - I just now realised this thread has been extended into a new one.

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