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Originally Posted by Lwmte View Post
DOT3 bump mapping changes the way bumpmaps are applied to textures. By default, TR4 engine simply overlays bumpmaps onto textures, ignoring lighting and surface normals orientation. So, what DOT3 bump mapping patch does, is it changes bumpmap blending operation from simple overlay to dot product function (you can read about it here), which results in bumpmaps reacting to lights, their intensity and orientation. You can easily note a difference at the start-up of Catacombs, Cleopatra's Palaces levels in classic TRLE level set, or, in recent levels, King Arthur's Project (when jeep goes through underground area, you can easily spot how jeep's headlights affect wall textures).

The effect is not so obvious because generally TR has no dynamic lights applied to room textures, only static. It could be really awesome if TR supported bumpmaps on movables.
I wonder if it would work on the Flares or LED Light!?
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