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Thanks Lwmte

I just tested your Clear Menu Backgrounds with default settings and works fine I noticed if it's raining, the rain particles don't stop when the game is paused or in inventory And if it's fogged, it dissapears when you are on inventory or pause, but if you enter to load or save options appear But I think those things are from engine

This patch could be ported to final TR4 & TR5 Games? I tried it, but it doesn't work, the game always crashs And on TR5 I can't find the long code patch, but maybe the code is diferent

Another thing... TR4 Engine has a bug with explosive ammo When you shot a freeze dog (OCB: 1) or a mummy on floor (OCB: 2), the game always crashs. This happens in TR2 with jade freeze warriors too That bug could be fixed?

Working in TR1 & TR2 Translations.
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