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Default OldGen+ Version 2.18

Hi everyone, here's another new update for the OldGen+ mod. Some more random and miscellaneous fixes throughout the game including improved quality of the UI like her weapon aiming reticle, the blue checkpoint diamond and fixing some parts of the inventory square to be more centred.

Firstly, I have been able to create a much higher quality sword of Excalibur texture using concept art of it from the game. In Croft Manor, I found another higher quality texture for one of the portraits. This is the one of Kain from the Legacy of Kain in the main hall. In Peru, I discovered that the glowing orbs in the tomb section were using the incorrect coloured orbs. They're supposed to be purple so I've swapped them for the purple orb in the level files. In Japan, the 3 TVs in the party room had transparent holes in the back of them which glitched so you could see right through the TV to the other side. I found the texture that is supposed to be there filling the holes so I restored that.

There are also a few more fixes for the Japan party guests. I found higher quality version of the outfits in next gen for 4 of the guests. I also corrected the weird shading on one of the dress types.

Some comparison pictures:

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