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That's great news! Thanks for looking into it

Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
* Sometimes, when traversing through L-Shaped rooms, the camera will not correctly follow Lara. Instead, it will show the outer edge of the block behind Lara. This may be original engine behaviour, or it may be introduced due to the use of a widescreen resolution. In any case it's rather annoying since in this case it is virtually impossible to navigate Lara, as you can't see her. Moving a few steps forward / to the side usually makes the camera re-focus on Lara again.
Originally Posted by stohrendorf View Post
It'd be nice to have a screenshot or a short video showing the problem.
I was now finally able to get a video of this issue, btw.


It's really no biggie, as moving Lara fixes the camera anyway, but it would still be better to be able to see where she is going - even if it's only a few steps.

EDIT: Got a different example. In this one the camera doesn't show Lara for nearly 2 blocks.
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