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Originally Posted by jonusiescu View Post
I believe there is a similar error at the start of UB level Atlantean Stronghold. After you leave lava cave, if you turn Lara to face the glass in this spot (screenshot from , Lara becomes invisible and there is a lot of textures flipping.

It happened for me on 2.9 and 2.9.1 versions, although I am using animated braid mod - so the bug might be related to that.

I'm also curious about one thing, because in Tomb1Main we have an option to rearrange order of the levels, is it possible to add UB levels to the main game, so Atlantean Stronghold will start right after The Great Pyramid? Or is it impossible?

Download the latest hotfix release 2.9.1. It fixes this issue with centuars crashing the game. Sorry about that.
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