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Originally Posted by Lwmte View Post
Oh, nice to see a colleague here - although now I'm unemployed!

It means that freelook parameter was active; I can't understand how it relates to ability to run the binary... Suddenly it came to me: do you have AMD CPU? I'm compiling with Core2Duo optimizations, and TeslaRus had some problems with Bullet physics when compiled with some CPU optimizations... So possibly CPU is the case. Same question to Dustie - do you have AMD processor?

Ok, anyway, the whole process of getting OpenTomb up and running was never described here, so I'm taking a chance:

So that's it. I can't think of anything else to be done to run it properly.
Sorry for this complicated set-up - consider that OpenTomb is still in pre-alpha stage. When it gets more stable and feature-rich, I think we should come up with some kind of installer which will do all this automatically.
Hi5! Hehe

Yes! I'm on an AMD processor! That might be it, I'll look into those instructions, thank you! I like to follow instructions as then I know whether it's me who's done something wrong, hehe!

Edit: I've followed the instructions and yes, it's not working, it must be my processor then, any way around this?
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