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Originally Posted by tsivour View Post
Now, thing is I need to private chat with mr. gidierre so I can be helped how to change dos box output from its settings to fit this output (I dont think it will be difficult). The following two links are demonstrating the original tomb raider output and the one I hacked out from tomb.exe.

if you need some kind of advice with dosbox settings or whatever, just ask
but how have you been running your hacked tomb.exe so far anyway? what were those screens you posted from?

you're certainly not using my installer, which won't load a hacked exe, or at least won't until it's told to
so are you setting dosbox up manually or what?
in case, there's not much todo there except fiddle with dosbox.conf & glide wrapper settings, sorry but I must say I'm not sure the scaler or aspect or output items may be that useful in the end as regards your field of interest

btw you also want to read this earlier post by peixoto I think

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