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Default Tomb Raider 1996 (original) 16:9 patching

Its been more than 24 hours i havent slept, i feel so dizzy... I cant find where the fov value is inside tomb.exe, I have experienced so many graphics changes but that :-(. If I guys tell you which sector zooms in or out Lara (which took me 3 weeks to find it out), will you help me find the fov sector? I promise I will immedetiately build the 16:9 patch of tomb raider 1996 PC and publish it to everybody. Noone has ever come so far till this got damn! Please fetch some good hackers inside here :-(. And mr gidierre, the values on the functions you posted to me didnt help me on my disassembling but thank you so much! Any help is good!! If I find that damn fov sector and as soon as I make the patch I will talk to you mr gidierre so you will then build a new installer supporting widescreen!!! I will start debugging again tomorrow, I need some good sleep... please guys help me here, I am so close...

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