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Floating Islands is a great level and it totally deserves the high score. As much as I love this level though, it still doesn't top the experience that Temple of Xian gave. To me though, Floating Islands is one of the most intriguing TR experience in the whole series. I love how mysterious and otherworldly the entire level is. It feels like Lara is in some kind of purgatory trial to see if she worthy of the Dagger of Xian. The details in the level are breath-taking - walls made of fire, jade-colored structures, and the creepy architecture makes this level a haunting experience. I love the inclusion of the Xian Warriors too as I feel that every TR game should have some kind of supernatural enemy. They are by far the most creepy enemy in the series. Especially the ones that float in the air. Unless you have a keen eye, they might catch you by surprise when you first see them.

Floating Islands is the perfect challenge and a great follow-up to Temple of Xian. The one thing that it wins over ToX is that the enemies add a creepy extra touch to the level. Even the Fiama Nera priests that throw the daggers are pretty creepy too. I would love some backstory to the level though and why Lara is seemingly in another dimension of some kind. I might do a research project one day to understand the inspiration behind ToX and Floating Islands.
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