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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
As well as the Core employee interviews saying that Crystal knew... At the time when the TRAE trailer leaked, someone on here linked a Crystal employee's social media page / blog (something like that) where this person talked about how they at Crystal Dynamics were so shocked & nervous when they heard that Core were making a 10 year anniversary edition of TR1, and that they were worried that Core were going to get the franchise back. And that Crystal worked to ensure that did not happen.

I tried to find it on here before but couldn't. But it definitely happened because I remember reading the blog, etc.
Is this what you're referring to? (There's also your post )

This is hilarious. When I first heard it I thought it was a joke but apparently Core the UK developer that created the Tomb Raider Franchise in the 90's was very very busy while we were wrapping up Tomb Raider: Legend. In a last ditch effort to remain a company they were hard at work trying to take a project right from under our noses. Check out this video, in it you will notice that it's Lara Croft and what...she's raiding tombs. But what isn't initially apparent is the fact that we had NOTHING to do with this. We just found out that Core was trying to sell this Tomb Raider to SCi and take back the franchise right from under us. You can imagine that most of the staff here at crystal was not too please by the move and we all would be downright ****ed if we lost that IP. But luckily, SCi did not bite on the project and Core has recently been bought out by Rebellion. The weight of the situation is huge. I mean here they probably spent 6+ months developing this half game and in the end nothing comes of it. I love it, serves them right, and anyway, after Angel of Darkness came out, who wants Core to handle any project anymore? Especially Tomb Raider, they beat it into the ground. Cheers, TGIF.
I still can't help but cringe everytime I read this mess
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