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Love your analysis, GRaider! While I quite enjoyed Temple of the Cat, I must say that the length was actually more of a flaw to me. Don't get me wrong - I do appreciate the stage's variation and intensity, but I think that I appreciated the final section less than I should have because I was kind of just... ready for it to be over? That's hard for me to admit but I think the level overstays its welcome a bit too much.

That being said, I love your points about how Temple of the Cat is a much different feel from the Khamoon levels, and I think that entirely comes down to how Phil Campbell portrays Egypt in this version. Whereas Return to Egypt was more of an ode to TR1, Temple of the Cat is more of a "grueling tomb" vibe, which doesn't really describe any of TR1 Egypt. They were more focused on exploration and huge landmarks; TotC instead hones in on a series of enemies and traps to put the player through trials.

I also love the running cat murals. And I'll never forget that close-up on the murals from a different room... little camera shots like make the temple feel truly alive, which is really cool.
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