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Originally Posted by Fantasy View Post
Brilliant as always! Id love to see a review on TR III
Thanks Fantasy!

Originally Posted by GRaider View Post
IBut I have one big problem with this and the next level. For me this levels don't have much context and I don't feel I reached something grand when finish this levels. For the Egypt levels you have the cat statue, that Lara examines. These levels should a continuation of the original game. Problem is, the pyramid was minutes before collapsing and exploding and now the gold levels tell you, you have another two hours to get out of it and even kill much more atlanteans that were in the original pyramid? This is to hard to believe for me.
That's a pretty fair point - the continuity between the end of TR1 and the Atlantean Stronghold is strikingly jagged. If the Gold designers wanted to have two separate reprisals of areas from TR1, I would have honestly preferred them to go with Greece instead of Atlantis for the second one. Atlantis is fun but I don't think there's quite as much capacity for isolation due to the combat-oriented nature of the levelset. And while I think they knocked it out of the park with Atlantean Stronghold, the high focus on the mutants overstayed its welcome in The Hive. There wasn't a grand design complexity or other truly striking feature of the second stage to really sell it for me.

And I would like to see more of your reviews, sheepman. I see, that your analytical writing has improved over the years. I would like to see how you would rate Tomb Raider 2 and 3 today. You totally have my interest in these.
Thanks GRaider! I love your thoughtful input on these levels. TR3 you say, eh? Well, that's the one I'm leaning towards, and it seems like others might be as well... so who knows, I may just sneak it in pretty soon.
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