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Default What "dead" or "sleepy" franchises would you want to return ?

A new E3 is near and this is time for wild dreams. What franchise you love back then would you want to come back ?

Legacy of Kain
Last one : Legacy of Kain Defiance, 2003.

A new episode or a remake of Soul Reaver. Sorry for those who wants Crystal Dynamics to keep Tomb Raider after Avengers, but I would want them to revive their long lost franchise first.

Prince of Persia
Last one : Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands, 2010.

A new big AAA game to makes a bang, this franchise was big back at the time. Now that Assassin's Creed still there but slow down, I wonder...

3D Rayman
Last one : Rayman Hoodlum Havoc, 2003.

So... Rayman 4 ! Michel Ancel hinted a possibility in his Instagram account 3 years ago. I don't know the state of his game Wild, but all the hardwork is focused on Beyond Good or Evil 2 for the moment. Not a bad thing, this is another franchise who needs to come back from years.
I'm not against another 2D game though.

Silent Hill
Last one : Silent Hill Downpour, 2012.

The lost of Silent Hills (5) still hurts haha. I wonder if Konami is still interested to continue its franchise.

What about you ?
Tomb Raider II Remake is totally worth and possible

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